Spiritist Education for children and youth

"Let the little children come to me…" - Jesus

Distribution of evangelizing students by study cycle (flexible):

• Kindergarten - 3 years
• Kindergarten - 4 to 6 years
• 1st Cycle - 7 to 9 years
• 2nd Cycle - 10 to 12 years
• 3rd Cycle - from 13 to 15 years
• Youth - from 16 to 21 years old
• Multigrade - diversified age groups

The Division of Programmatic Contents: The Stages

Module I - Spiritism
    ✓ Unit I: The Divine Creation
    ✓ Unity II: The Connection of Man with God
    ✓ Unity III: Bases of Spiritism
Module II - Christianity
   ✓Unity I: Historical Background
   ✓Unity II: Jesus and His Doctrine
   ✓Unity III: Jesus and Kardec
Module III - Spiritist Conduct - Evangelical Living
   ✓Unity I: Self-improvement
   ✓Unity II: Family Relations
   ✓Unity III: Social Relationships
   ✓Unity IV: Man's relationship with Nature
Module IV - Spiritist Movement
   ✓Unity I: Spiritism and Spiritist Movement
   ✓Unity II: The organization of the Spiritist Movement

Characteristics of a good man:

● The man who is imbued with the sentiment of charity and love for his neighbor does good for good, without expecting rewards, and sacrifices his interest for justice.
● He is good, humane, and kind to everyone, because he sees in all men brothers, without exception of race or creed.
● If God has given him power and wealth, he sees these things as a deposit he must use for good, and is not proud of them, because he knows that God, who has given them to him, can take them back.
● If the social order has placed men under his dependence, he treats them with kindness and benevolence, because before God they are his equals, and uses his power to moralize them and not to inflame them with his pride.
● He is indulgent with the weaknesses of others, because he knows that he himself needs indulgence, and remembers these words of Christ: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
● It is not vindictive: following Jesus' example, it forgives offenses so as not to remember more than favors, because it knows that it will be forgiven as he has forgiven.
● He respects, finally, in his fellow men all the rights that the laws of Nature give him, as he wants to be respected."


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