The Fluidotherapy activity is an activity open to the public that aims to provide its attendant physical and spiritual relief, through doctrinal and evangelical mini lectures and the service of pass and fluidized water.
Our hands serve as an instrument for the transmission of human magnetism which, with the energies distributed by the Spirits, constitute the pass. Good fluids must emanate from our thoughts, for the desire to heal and to give love must be a consecration. The success of the treatment represents the sum of many factors, including the merit of the sick person.
The spiritual treatments carried out in the Spiritist Center DO NOT SUBSTITUTE medical treatments and the use of medications.
The people who need medical, psychiatric, psychological accompaniment, etc., should remain performing their physical treatments, since the assistance performed in the Spiritist's Center is at a spiritual level and can produce together with the medical treatment’s improvements to the individual, being important to make clear that they should happen in parallel.

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Bezerra de Menezes Kardecian Spiritist Center
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