Dr. Bezerra de Menezes

Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Cavalcanti was born in the old neighborhood of Freguesia do Riacho de Sangue (Stream of Blood), today Solonopole, in Ceara, Brazil, on August 29 th, 1831. He died in Rio de Janeiro, on April 11th, 1900.

In the year of 1838, Adolfo Bezerra de Menezes Cavalcanti, started studying at the public school of the Friar’s Villa, where in only ten months he sufficiently prepared himself to reach the degree of knowledge of his master, who was responsible to guide his first educational phase. At a very early age, he revealed to be extremely intelligent. When he was eleven years old he was able to commence the course on Humanities. At thirteen he knew Latin so well that he not only gave classes to his colleagues, but also was called to replace his teacher every time he had to be absent.

"They want me to go back to the Federation. As you all know that old society is without president and totally disoriented. Instead of engaging in the systematic study of Spiritism or the Gospel, it lives to discuss Byzantine thesis and to feed the spirit of hegemony."

"The worker of the vineyard," Bittencourt Sampaio said, "is always assisted. The Federation can be wrong regarding its doctrinal ways, but it is engaged in the work of assistance to the needful, that is reason enough for it to attract the sympathy of the Lord’s servants."

"I agree. But the work of assistance to the needful is adopting exclusively Homeopathy in the treatment of the sick ones, a therapeutic that me and my family follow and that I also recommend to friends, and I am not a homeopathic doctor. This in fact has been creating serious difficulties in my career, turning me into an useless doctor, one that doesn’t believe in the official medicine and that tells others to follow the Spirits’ advices, which hinder my right to exercise my profession."

"And why don’t you become a homeopathic doctor?" Bittencourt asked.

"I have no knowledge of Homeopathy. I utilize the one of the Spirits and not that of the doctors."

At that point, the spiritual medium Frederico Junior, channeling the Spirit of Saint Augustine, said:

"It is better this way. It will be easier for us to help you in the treatment of our siblings."

"How, kind Spirit? Are you suggesting that I make my living out of Spiritism?"

"Of course not! You will live of your profession, giving to your patients the fruit of your human knowledge, studying Homeopathy as our friend Bittencourt suggested. We will help you in another way: Bringing you, whenever you need, new pupils of Mathematics…"

Translated by Jussara Korngold

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