Caravana do Amor

The Caravan of Love, which aims to bring love through music on Sunday mornings to various institutions.

After prohibiting visitation, we decided to make this video in partnership with the Youth Orchestra of RS-Brazil, to continue taking our message to all residents and workers who are on the front lines in the fight against this Pandemic, even in a virtual way.

May God bless you all and we are looking forward to our meeting!

Much health and peace!


Youth Orchestra of Rio Grande do Sul

Created in 2009, the Youth Orchestra of Rio Grande do Sul ( mixes music learning with social assistance.

It allows young people between 10 and 24 years old, from homes maintained with up to three minimum wages, to join an orchestra and receive complete music education, from reading scores to mastering an instrument.

At its core, care is taken not to underestimate young people by the social context to which they belong. The goal is to treat everyone as a potential musician; show that talent does not belong to the origin, income or social stratification. It is enough that people have the opportunity that talent flourishes.

OJRS is one of the NGOs supported by AIM - Associacao para Iniciação Musical, which aims to literate children and young people who are economically disadvantaged musically, by donating musical instruments, accessories and hiring teachers.

More information about AIM:


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